Separate Business and Personal Calls


Separate Business and Personal Calls

According to Entrepreneur, over 45 million Americans work at home, while 16 million work from the car. It is no wonder that mobile devices have become an integral part of business today. A dual business and personal cell phone creates problems, however. Business contacts have access to a personal cell phone number, creating privacy concerns. If you do not have an unlimited plan, employees may have to waste time and money making meticulous and bothersome records of the minutes. If you start to receive harassing calls or have a problem on your personal phone, your business could be affected. Using the same number for your business and personal calls also limits how much of your cell phone expenses you can deduct on your income taxes. Small business owners can address these problems by separating business and personal phones, which inherently has it’s own problems.  In the past, the solution was to get a second phone, which means you need to worry about carrying two devices, having 2 bills and two plans… Until now!


A new mobile app called FLEX, available at, can help solve this problem, by allowing the user to add up to five new numbers to their existing device.

Available for iOS or Android smartphones, with FLEX you can add up to five different phone numbers on a single smartphone. Cost starts as low as $6.99/month for the first phone number, but you can also add an additional four at a cost as low as of $6 per month for each additional number – or at a yearly discounted price of $249.99 for the FLEX5 package, which include five new numbers.

FLEX is especially useful for professionals with more than a few irons in the fire, FLEX provides you an easy solution to juggle your numerous endeavors without getting your lines crossed. Numbers can be used for any mix-and-match variety of purposes, like a general business line for standard inquiries and a separate number for work associates to call you directly.

In addition to separate phone numbers, the FLEX app also manages voicemail, texts and other notifications. FLEX also offers you the ability to set up custom area codes for each individual number, which can make it easier for contacts in certain parts of the country to reach you without having to dial long distance and provides you with a local presence.

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