It’s personal,

not business.

FLEX keeps your personal number
just that…personal.

Now your smartphone can protect your privacy.

Your cell phone number is not for everyone.
You might be looking for a date online, socializing and meeting new people, or just signing the kids up for an after school activity. Perhaps you are buying or selling something on Craigslist or through an online post. There are many circumstances when your cell phone number shouldn’t be shared. Giving out your FLEX number will keep your personal number secure and private, providing you the FLEXibility to communicate on your terms.

myflexapp phone

FLEX knows your privacy is important to you!

Never regret giving out your personal cell phone number again.
Separate the different areas of your life with multiple numbers; work, friends, family, local presence and more. With the FLEX App you will know who’s calling and to which number, via separate caller ID, notifications and ringtones. The ultimate in FLEXibility and ease!

Talk like a local

Moved recently and don’t want to give up your number you have had for years? Now, you can choose a local area code where you live.

Goodbye VoIP

FLEX utilizes your existing carrier unlike unreliable VoIP services. These are your personal conversations we are talking about.

Unlimited texting

That’s right, FREE unlimited texting. What’s more is that FLEX keeps all your texts, calls, and voicemails in one convenient feed.


The world has gotten smaller! Have friends and family in other countries? With FLEX, those calls become local calls.

Ever wished you had another number?

Now you can. FLEX is simple and easy to set up, and you can begin using the service immediately. Take control and gain back your privacy and sense of security. What’s more, our FLEXible payment options won’t put a strain on your budget.