About Us

We don’t just want to change how you

call, we want to Xpand how you communicate with FLEX!


Xpand Marketing, LLC is a visionary company that is passionate about three words Simple. Easy. Fun.  We bring that passion to our revolutionary app, FLEX, which is designed to disrupt the status quo in global communications.

The technological advances brought on by the smartphone revolution are staggering. Our proprietary platform delivers the highest quality voice calling and text communications over the cellular channel, while enabling the use of multiple phone numbers on your existing cell phone.

Say goodbye to unreliable Wi-Fi and VoIP calling apps forever!

Whether for work, or simply to keep your personal number private, FLEX offers revolutionary features, sets the standard for call quality, and empowers you to connect with anyone in the world–FLEXibly, reliably and affordably.

With mobile devices everywhere, we focus on making smartphones more useful and better able to accommodate your busy lifestyle. For international customers, FLEX is the first and only solution that provides mobile users with a local US phone number on their device for high-quality, free calling and texting to and from any US phone number.


We invite you to “Get Your FLEX On”

Ever wished you had another number?

Now you can. FLEX is simple and easy to set up, and you can begin using the service immediately. What’s more, our FLEXible payment options won’t put a strain on your budget. Take control and gain back your privacy and sense of security.